Kuailian has characteristics that make it a very attractive investment


As we know, Kualian is based on blockchain technology. Without going into details, one of the characteristics of this technology is traceability and the impossibility of manipulation.

Any transaction is recorded and remains unchanged forever.

In addition, Kuailian publishes this information on its website, so that investors can know exactly what is being done with their money at all times and keep track of all movements of incoming and outgoing accounts.


Kuailian is a member of the EEA (Ethereum Enterprises Agency) where we can find companies as notable as Accenture, BBVA, Banco Santander, Intel, Microsoft, …).

In addition, during 2020, Kualian will be audited by Deloitte.


The operating of Kualian is carried out through Smart Contracts.

Smart Contracts are computer programs that run on the blockchain. Again, these programs are unalterable, nobody can modify them unilaterally, since the blockchain itself prevents from it.

These programs are used to select the Master Nodes, to distribute the yields, etc …

This means that human intervention is not necessary for the system to work. It is fully automatic. And it always works, every day of the week.

Machine Learning

Kuailian has a Machine Learning system that is responsible for selecting the most efficient Master Nodes in terms of profitability and liquidity.

It also handles the exchange of cryptocurrencies at the most advantageous rates.

It is a system that learns over time, so decisions become more efficient.


The investment we make in Kuailian is valid for 1,000 days. After that time, you can choose to renew the contract for another 1,000 days or withdraw the investment (which will be the proportional part of the total amount invested that corresponds to pool value of that day)

However, the distribution of returns is done every day. This means that you do not have to wait a certain period of time to receive your earnings.


All of the above would not make sense if it were not accompanied by good profitability.

Although Kuailian does not guarantee any specific profitability, we can take as a reference the average monthly profitability between September 2018 and August 2019, which was above 9%.

Although past returns are no guarantee of future returns, the expectations are excellent, as the trend points to an increase in transactions to be verified, and therefore, to more “fuel” for Kualian

Let’s look at it with a real example.

These are the daily returns extracted from my Kualian account for an investment of $ 100:

Daily returns

As we can see, not every day the same amount is received. The real yield is that expressed in cryptocurrency (ETH), and varies every day based on the profitability of Master Node that day.

The value in $ is an estimate applying the ETH / $ exchange rate of the day.

If we look at the days I received $ 0.2 and make the annual progression we would get a total of 0.25 * 365 = $ 73, that is, a 73% return on the € 100 invested. Or what is the same, a 6% monthly (which is not 9% on average last year but not bad at all).

If we look at the days I received $ 0.17 and $ 0.16 and made the same progression we would obtain an annual return of 62% and 58% respectively, or its monthly equivalent of 5% in both cases.

That is, even in times of lower profitability, such as these days I show, the investment is highly attractive.

In my blog you will find articles where you can review the profitability month by month from January 2020.

Affiliate network

In addition to the direct returns obtained by the verification of transactions, Kuailian also rewards with an extra contribution to investors who create an affiliate network.

This compensation has two parts. On the one hand, a direct bonus is received for each contribution made by your network of contacts. On the other hand, you get a small percentage of your network’s daily returns (but it doesn’t affect him).

The operative of the affiliate network is explained in this article.

Currency Effect

Although it is a double-edged sword and therefore should also be considered a risk, the fact that the returns are paid to you in cryptocurrency makes the investment return be increased (or decreased) by the revaluation (or depreciation) of the cryptocurrency against the euro.

Given that the trends point to a significant revaluation of cryptocurrencies during 2020, this effect will likely add several points to Kuailian’s profitability.

As you can see, the list of benefits is very important, but before making a decision you must also assess the risks.

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