Kuailian International

Easy Kuailian affiliate network goes international

Little by little, Easy Kuailian is expanding borders.

What started as a network of affiliates at local level and which quickly spread to national level, is beginning to cross borders.

Today, although my network is made up mostly of Spanish affiliates, countries such as France, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, or Colombia are also represented.

Thanks a lot for the trust!

How to buy Ethereum?

Some of my affiliates ask me about Exchange services to buy cryptocurrencies, more specifically, ETH’s.

The truth is that I am not an expert on the subject.

The ones I know the most are Coinbase and Kuailian Bank itself.

There are many others, but I have heard opinions for and against all of them. Since I have not tried them myself, I prefer not to mention them.

What is true is that in some Latin American countries, Coinbase or Kuailian Bank cannot be used, since they do not accept local currency.

If you found yourself with this problem and you don’t know how to get your cryptocurrencies, there is a website that can be very useful to you, which is https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/

On this website you can do a search by country and payment method, and it offers you a list of results to buy cryptocurrencies, with a brief assessment of each of the services found.

What are your favorite Exchanges?

I also encourage anyone who wishes to post comments on their experience with different Exchanges, indicating from which country they are using it.

Surely it will be very useful for people who start and are a little lost.

Join Kuailian

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