Kuailian Bank deposit

You can now buy Ethereums through Kuailian Bank

Kuailian has already enabled some of the features of its bank, but in order to operate with Kuailian Bank it is essential that you meet two prerequisites:

  • You must be a Kuailian registered user. Here you can find an invitation link
  • You must have paid the Activation Fee
  • You must have passed the KYC (Know Your Customer) which is the process in which you provide your identification document and your user is verified

Once these two procedures have been completed, some of the things that are already available are:

Make a deposit

At the moment, you can only make deposits by bank transfer. Soon other methods of payment may be used, such as credit card.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

At the moment it is only possible to buy and sell Ethereums, but soon other cryptocurrencies can be bought.

The Ethereums that you buy will be sent to the Wallet that you indicate outside Kuailian, since the Kuailian Bank Wallet functionality is not yet operational.

In this article (videotutorial) I explain to you how to check the public key of your Coinbase Wallet.

The Ethereums that you sell will be credited to your Kuailian Bank account.

In this video I explain to you how to make a deposit and buy Ethereums:

Withdraw funds from your Kuailian Bank account

To withdraw funds it is essential that you have previously verified the destination account to which you want to send your funds.

You can do this through your user settings menu, in the Bank Settings section.

In the “Personal Bank Account” section you will find the Add New option, which will allow you to register a new account.

When you fill in your account details, Kuailian Bank will ask you to send € 1 from that account to be verified.

From that moment on, you can withdraw funds to that account.