With the month of April, Kuailian begins a new stage with several relevant aspects.

Completion of the withdrawal phase

On March 30, the deadline to request the extraordinary liquidation of the Kuailian contracts ended. Those clients who so wished were able to express their willingness to abandon the project and withdraw their collateral early.

In the following days, Kuailian informed those affected of the amount that corresponded to them as liquidation, based on the application of their share percentage to the value of the pool at that time.

That value turned out to be 58% of the initial investment, approximately.

Users who accepted this return proposal have already begun to receive their withdrawals, while those who have rejected will continue with their contracts until their expiration.

End of kuais commercialization

Kuais are no longer commercialized. The new licenses that Kuailian will commercialize will be the Multistrategy SPU.

Former kuai holders have had the option of keeping them until the end of their contracts or exchanging them for SPU for free.

New payment system

Kuailian leaves ETH as a payment currency.

This is the consequence of the excessive gas prices that have meant an unsustainable expense in fees.

The new payment system will be based on USDT and will be implemented on the Tron blockchain, whose commissions are infinitely lower than those of the ETH network.

These novelties mean the beginning of a very promising new era for Kuailian and its customers.

Join Kuailian

If you want to join Kuailian, you can do so through this link.