Great news week

These last few days of March are being frenetic in the Kuailian ecosystem.

On Tuesday the 24th, Kuailian surprised us with a spectacular website update.

Beyond the improvement in terms of design, usability and security, which we will be talking about in the future, we discovered the incorporation of several new products, that we are going to love.

Some of these products, such as the trading bot, will still take a few weeks to see the light, there will be time to analyze them.

But others are already a reality …

Launch of medium risk kuais

After a testing phase by a small group of Kuailian clients with more than promising results, the long-awaited medium risk kuais (MR kuais) come to light.

Medium risk kuais are already available in some countries. For the rest of the countries, including Spain, they will be available from Friday, April 3.

The kuais that we have known so far are renamed Low Risk Kuais (LR kuais).

The philosophy is the same for both products. Obtaining returns through investment in Master Nodes to verify transactions of different cryptocurrencies.

The difference lies in the kind of Master Nodes each of the products invests in.

While in low-risk kuais, approximately 90% of the investment goes to conservative Master Nodes and only 10% goes to more aggressive Master Nodes, in the case of medium-risk kuais, the proportion is 60 % and 40% of each kind of Master Node.

How is a Master Node risk measured?

Most Master Nodes have a predetermined and public return that can be found here.

Thus, a conservative Master Node, like Dash, has a return of approximately 6% per year, which is not too much.

In exchange, Dash is a cryptocurrency with not very high volatility (always speaking in terms of the cryptocurrency market, which is inherently volatile), and with high liquidity. This means that Dash is a currency that can be easily sold, since its market is high.

This is important because if we consider, for example, recovering our initial investment at the end of the 1,000 days, the conservative Master Nodes tokens will be easily sold.

On the opposite side we find the most aggressive Master Nodes, whose profitability can be infinitely higher, in some cases even greater than 10,000% per year. But in return, because its market is much smaller, the value of the currency is extremely volatile and its liquidity is much lower.

This may mean, in case they need to be liquidated, either because Machine Learning decides to dismantle any of these Master Nodes, or because the contract ends and the user decides to withdraw his investment, that it might be done at a price significantly lower than its mayket value.

The magic formula

To solve this dilemma between profitability and risk, Kuailian relies on its Machine Learning technology, which selects the best Master Nodes for each case.

Assuming that the premise is always the investment preservation, the different configurations offered by these two products allow each investor to choose the product that best suits his profile.

Features of both products

The basic operation is the same in both cases. Each kuai is equivalent to $ 100 and the duration of the contract is 1,000 days, at the end of which you can decide to extend for another 1,000 days or withdraw the investment.

The difference between both products is risk (liquidity) and profitability.

In the case of the LR kuais, the ratio of conservative Master Nodes vs. aggressive is 90% vs. 10%. In the case of MR kuais this proportion is 60% vs. 40%. That is, the product is made up of assets with less liquidity.

This directly affects the capital that we recover on the day we decide not to renew the contract and recover our investment.

In the case of medium risk kuias, we are more likely to recover a lower percentage of the initial investment than in the case of low risk kuais.

Regarding profitability, based on past performance and always bearing in mind that they are not a guarantee of future performance, these are the figures that have been shown:

Low risk: Daily return between 0.1 and 0.4% (between 3 and 12% monthly)

Medium risk: Daily return between 0.3 and 0.7% (between 9 and 21% monthly)

Spectacular results!

Purchaising requirements

Low risk kuais only requiere to have the activation fee as a Kuailian user paid.

The medium risk kuais require to fulfill with the 3 to 1 ratio, that is, for every 3 low risk kuais that each user holds, he has the right to acquire 1 medium risk kuai.

However, during the first days of marketing, the ratio will be 1 to 1, that is, you can have the same number of medium risk kuais as low risk.

This promotion will have a limited duration. It will only be available between April 4 and June 4.So if you want to take advantage of it have your Ethereums ready!

Join Kuailian

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