Since mid-January, Kuailian has carried out 3 recycling processes that have affected the normal operation of the pool.

These reconfigurations have been prompted for 3 different reasons:

1. Recycling of the pool towards more liquid configurations

At the beginning of January, the Kuailian pool was quite unbalanced towards low liquidity tokens, which was a significant risk for the preservation of collateral. In mid-January, the decision was made to adopt a more conservative profile facing a possible market crash, such as the one that finally occurred in mid-February.

2. Separation of the Venture Capital pool

Until February, two different types of clients coexisted in the same Kuailian pool: retail clients and institutional clients (Venture Capital). The interests and profile of both types of clients are very different, so Kuailian decided to separate them into two independent pools.

3. Total dismantling of the retail pool

The first week of March has seen the total dismantling of the retail pool.

This dismantling has two objectives:

  • Open an exceptional withdraw window: Any client who wants to terminate the contract with Kuailian early, may do so during the week of March 8th to 14th. Customers who request it will receive the part of the pool that corresponds to them, which has already been dismantled and deposited in fully liquid currencies such as Cardano, Tron and Polkadot
  • Reassemble the pool with customers who decide to stay in Kuailian in a new instance, with new monitoring features available that will improve the user experience.


These processes of reconfiguration, disassembly and renewal of the pool means that during this period of time and until all the staking technologies are active in the new pool, which will happen at the end of March or beginning of April, regular daily profits will be disrupted.

Therefore, until the end of April I will not be able to publish the usual monthly performance reports.

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