Kuailian’s average daily return for this month was 0.13% for the LR and 0.34% for the MR

During this month, Kuailian has obtained a daily average of 0.13% of profitability for low risk licenses (LR) and 0.34% for medium risk licenses (MR).

The daily distribution is the one shown in the following graph:

Remember that in this article I explain to you how to calculate daily profitability in Kuailian.

Kuailian’s monthly profitability was 4.01% for the LR and 10.07% for the MR

The accumulated return this month has been 4.01% for the LR and 10.07% for the MR.

In the following graph you can see how this monthly profitability has been changing day by day:

Average monthly return of 4.66% for the LR and 12.61% for the MR

Taking into account the months that have elapsed since the beginning of the year, the average monthly return stands at 4.69% for the LR and 12.61% for the MR:

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