Daily payments will be back soon

Good news for Kuailian users!

In the last corporate call, Kuailian announced that developments to return to daily payments are in the final stages of testing.

Since the end of last July, Kuailian does not pay returns daily, as usual.

Due to the high price of Gas caused by the DeFi boom, Kuailian began to settle payments on a weekly basis.

I explained the details of the increase in the price of Gas and its effect on Kuailian here.

A solution based on a Sidechain

Although it seems that Gas prices are more sustained lately, Kuailian has developed an alternative to avoid possible new effects in the future.

The solution is based on a Sidechain, which is a derivation of the main Ethereum blockchain, whereby payments will be dispersed daily without being affected by potential main network congestion, and more importantly, without being subject to the commissions passed on by the main network.

Making a simple analogy, the main Ethereum blockchain would be like a toll highway.

In a vacation exit operation, the highway collapses. And in the case of the Ethereum blockchain, the case is even worse, because not only does it collapse, but the toll skyrockets.

Continuing with the analogy, in a situation like that, applications such as Google Maps or Waze could be used to find alternative routes that can be traveled without congestion.

The Sidechain would be like that variant of the highway. Through it, daily payments can be restored, regardless of the situation in which the main blockchain is.

Obviously, all the operations that are carried out on the Sidechain end up turning into the main Blockchain, just like a variant ends up joining the main road.

Implementation will be imminent

As mentioned before, the solution is in the last stages of testing and it will be made available to users in the next few days or weeks at the most.

This new system will require some action on the part of the users, which has not yet been communicated.

As soon as the details are known I will explain them in a future article.

Anyway, the return to daily payments is excellent news for the Kuailian community.

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