Affiliate network

The affiliate network is the complementary way to obtain earnings in Kuailian

The Fast Bonus

As I explain in the article The distribution of returns in Kuailian, when a client sends Ethereums from their E-Wallet to buy licenses, the first thing the system does is to allocate 20% of the amount to instantly remunerate the network of membership.

It is what is known as the Fast Bonus, and is distributed among the network of sponsors of that investor (up to a maximum of 10 levels), following this table:

First grade (the one who invited him to Kuailian): 10%

Segundo grade: 3%

Third grade: 2%

Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grade: 1%

Eighth grade: 0,5%

Ninth and tenth grade: 0,25%

For example, if you buy 1 license ($ 100), your direct sponsor will instantly receive the equivalent a 10%, the sponsor of your sponsor a 3%, etc …

Or what is the same, if you invite someone to participate in Kuailian, of all the contributions he makes you will get 10%. And if he invites more people, a part of what they invest will also come to you.

The Residual Bonus

In addition to the Fast Bonus, which is a percentage of the investment, there is also the Residual Bonus destined to the affiliate network, which in this case is a percentage of the daily returns, and which, like them, is paid daily.

18.5% of the total daily return of the pool goes to the Residual Bonus (just as the daily payments represent 65% of the daily return of the pool).

The Residual Bonus, is distributed according to this table:

First grade (the one who invited him to Kuailian): 8%. It is equivalent to 12.31% of the Daily Payments of your first level (8% / 65%).

Second grade: 4%. It is equivalent to 6.15% of the Daily Payments of your second level (4% / 65%).

Third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grade: 1%. It is equivalent to 1.54% of the Daily Payments of these levels (1% / 65%).

Eighth, nineth and tenth grade: 0.5%. It is equivalent to 0.77% of the Daily Payments of these levels (0.5% / 65%).

The Fast Bonus and the Residual Bonus become clearer in the following scheme:

Fast Bonus on subscriptions

In addition, Pro (49.95 USDT) and Elite (49.95 USDT) subscriptions also generate Fast Bonus.

25% of these subscriptions are distributed among the affiliate network according to the following table:

Requirements to receive the bonuses

As a user reaches different ranks in the company, he will receive the bonuses of more levels.

The detail is in the following table:

In the case of license bonuses, to receive them there is an additional requirement and that is that the user must have that license active.

That is, a user with a Pro license will not receive Bonus for the Elite licenses of their affiliates.

Rank table

In the previous paragraph we saw that to receive the bonuses it is necessary to reach certain ranks.

The following table explains the minimum requirements to achieve each of the ranks:

The last column indicates whether the 40% rule applies or not.

This rule indicates that in order to reach the total number of licenses required to unlock a rank (third column), each of the affiliate branches only computes for 40% of the total to be accessed.

For example, if you want to unlock the Regional Director level (100 licenses among the 10 levels), each of the first-level branches only counts for a maximum of 40 licenses (even though there may be more licenses in that branch) .

Club Ambassador and Pool Ambassador Rewards

In addition to these bonuses, there are prizes for reaching certain ranks (column 5):

Pool Ambassador

Ranks starting with President receive additional rewards from the Ambassador pool.

2.5% of the total daily yield of the pool goes to the Ambassadors Pool.

The distributions for the Ambassadors pool are distributed according to the previous table (column 6).

In this case, the payments are quarterly.

Join Kuailian

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