Kuailian performance distribution

Kuailian pays daily the tokens obtained by the verification of transactions

When an investor sends Ethereums from his E-Wallet to buy Kuais (each Kuai is like a share and equals $ 100), the first thing the system does is to allocate 20% of the investment to be instantly paid to the network of Affiliation.

The remaining 80% goes to the Smart Pool, which is the global capital that goes to the investment in Master Nodes.

Through a Machine Learning system the most efficient Master Nodes are selected and the tokens are obtained (in the cryptocurrency in which each particular blockchain operates), which are the commissions to verify the transactions.

Those tokens, which are in different cryptocurrencies, are converted to Ethereums, again using a Machine Learning system to select the traders that make the cryptocurrency change to Ethereum more favorable.

Of the total returns generated daily, 65% is distributed among all investors in the pool, based on their percentage of participation. It is what is known as Daily Pay.

14% of daily returns go to Kuailian.

And the remaining 21% ​​goes to the affiliate network.

With a diagram it becomes clearer: