Kuailian (although some people mistakenly call it Kualian) is a decentralized protocol based on blockchain – hence its name, which means blockchain in Chinese – and in Smart Contracts, which obtains profitability through transaction verification

In other articles we will deepen these concepts, but to understand it in a simple way, we can make an analogy with the role that banks perform

When an entity (company, individual) wishes to make a transfer to another entity, the bank acts as an intermediary, verifying that transaction. In return for that service, a commission is taken.

In the blockchain world, the role of banks is performed by the Master Nodes

When an entity wishes to carry out a transaction (it may be the sending of a cryptocurrency, or any other type of transaction, such as the transfer of a title deed), the Master Nodes are responsible for verifying it.

In return, they receive a reward or token (which is paid in the cryptocurrency in which that particular blockchain works).

Blockchain is an open system

This means that, a priori, anyone can set up a server and perform the role of Master Node, but in practice, this is not so.

The transaction verification process is complex, so much technical knowledge is needed.

In addition, the investment necessary to be able to set up a Master Node is not affordable to everyone. Each Master Node requires a specific investment, which varies from one blockchain to another, but can be around $ 40,000 or $ 50,000 to start verifying transactions.

What Kualian does is to create a pool of investors to raise enough capital to be able to have several Master Nodes of different blockchains and get performance from each of them.

The investment in Kuailian implies a commitment of permanence of 1,000 days. During those 1,000 days, investors receive uninterrupted daily incomes.

After that period, you can choose to extend the investment 1,000 more days or withdraw that capital.

Keep in mind that if you choose to recover the capital, it will not be exactly the same amount that was invested. What will be recovered is the percentage that represents the investment that has expired in relation to the total pool value that day. The refund will be made in the different cryptocurrencies that the pool has that day and may be more or may be less than the initial investment.

As simple as that!

But Kuailian has other benefits that you should know.

Know more about Kuailian

If you want to know in detail the system of distribution of returns of Kuailian or how you obtain additional returns through the network of affiliates consult the articles dedicated to these topics in the blog.

Kuailian presentation by David Ruíz de León

David Ruíz de León, one of the founders of Kuailian, explains in detail the entire Kuailian ecosystem in this very interesting video (Spanish).

Duration: 47 min approx.

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