1. Easy Kuailian

1. What are the objectives of Easy Kuailian?
The objectives are two:
  • To explain as simple as possible what Kuailian is
  • To create an affiliate network in Kualian
2. Does Easy Kuailian have any commercial relationship with Kualian?

No. The Easy Kualian website only intends to explain the Kuailian project in a simple way, but it has no commercial relationship with Kualian, beyond my own participation as a private investor in Kuailian and the fact that this website has been reviewed by the Kuailian Compliance Department to verify that what I publish is correct.

2. Kuailian

1. Which is Kuailian’s business model?

Kaulian’s business model is to set up Master Nodes, financed through a pool of investors, to verify transactions in different blockchains. The returns obtained by the verification commissions are distributed daily among the entire pool of investors.

2. What profitability does Kuailian offer?

There is no fixed return. Profitability may vary from month to month.

It also depends on the type of product you choose. There are lower risk and lower return products and others with higher risk and higher return.

The average profitability of low-risk products has been around 5% per month in 2020, but this does not provide any guarantee regarding the future.

In my blog you will find articles where you can review the profitability month by month from January 2020.

This profitability can be increased through the affiliate network.

3. Is the investment guaranteed?

No. At the end of the investment term, you can choose to extend the investment or withdraw it.

However, you should keep in mind that you will not recover exactly the same amount you invested. What you will recover is your participation percentage in that day’s pool. Your participation percentage is calculated by dividing the ETH’s you invested by the total ETH’s in the pool.

That percentage of participation will vary over time, but the initial investment it represents will not vary. With an example it is better understood:

If you buy kuais worth 10 ETH’s and there are a total of 10,000 ETH’s in the pool, your participation percentage is 0.1%.

If new investors come in over the days and the pool total becomes 20,000 ETH’s, your participation will be 0.05%. Although your% has been reduced, it represents the same investment, since 0.05% of 20,000 ETH’s are still 10 ETH.

The refund will be paid to you in the different cryptocurrencies that the pool has that day. Depending on their price, your valuation may be lower or higher than the initial investment.

4. What is a Kuai?

The Kuai is the unit of measure that is used to invest in Kuailian.

To invest in Kuailian you have to buy Kuais. Each Kuai equals $ 100, but you must buy it with ETH’s.

The ETH’s that you invest by buying Kuais determine your participation percentage in the investment pool.

There are different types of Kuais depending on their risk and profitability. You can check more information here.

5. How many time the investment lasts?

Each Kuais purchase contract has a duration of 1,000 days, during which you will obtain daily returns.

At the end of those 1,000 days you can choose to extend the contract for another 1,000 days or recover your percentage of participation in the pool on the day of termination of your contract.

6. When will I start to receive daily incomes?

You will recieve daily incomes from the moment the purchase contract of the Kuais is activated.

This usually occurs 10-13 days from the moment of purchase, but in exceptional cases it can take up to a maximum of 30 days.

7. How do I sign up?

When you register, you will be assigned a sponsor to help you if you have questions.

If you want me to be your sponsor, register through this link.

8. Do I have to pay any activation fee?

Only if you want to activate your Kualian Pro user, which allows you to develop your own affiliate network.

In that case it is necessary to pay a single fee of $ 50.95.

If you only want to buy kuais, there is no need to pay any activation fee.

9. Where do I receive my earnings?

All your earnings (daily payments, returns from your affiliate network, …) will be sent to the digital wallet that you indicate in your Kuailian profile.

3. Coinbase

1. What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is an application external to Kuailian that will allow you to exchange your currency for ETH’s, which is the cryptocurrency which Kuailian operates with.

2. Is it mandatory to use Coinbase?

No. You can use any other application that allows you to buy ETH’s.

3. Can I use Coinbase as my digital wallet?

Yes. You can use your Coinbase Ethereum wallet as the wallet where Kuailian will send all your returns, as I explain in this article.

4. How do I register in Coinbase?

You can do it using this link and when you buy $ 100 of any cryptocurrency, both you and I will receive $ 10 in gift Bitcoins.